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Exceeding the Ordinary Providing access to every relevant resource, the Business Box Membership works hard to help you establish, manage and grow your catering venture. Moreover, here are the credentials to prove it! Contact Us Corporate Branding Whether you’re promoting a product launch or planning a corporate event, HY Trailer Co can help. We source mobile catering facilities, provide prop fabrication and offer vehicle branding services. Contact Us

Welcome to HY Trailer Co

Whether you want to become your own boss, add to your existing fleet or hire a unique HY Trailer or mobile catering van for your corporate event, HY Trailer Co can set your wheels in motion.

A popular choice for coffee carts, merchandise stores and street food vendors, the fabricated HY Trailer  the mobile catering van suppliers or mobile catering trailer represents the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking a portable and location-independent business. Eliminating the high costs associated with bricks and mortar, the HY Trailer has a contemporary design with an eye-catching, vintage curb appeal that doubles as a rolling advertisement for your brand.

With an outstanding and commendable history steeped in craftsmanship and quality coachbuilding, our combined team of highly-skilled, specialist engineers boast years of industry service and experience. Supplying Europe, the US and UAE, our established logistics management means we can produce and manufacture HY Trailers as single, multiple or large projects.

What’s more, our Business Box Membership initiative is specifically designed to help revolutionise mobile catering businesses and maximise your profits. This exclusive enterprise support guides you through the start-up process with specialist supplier introductions, exclusive discounts and financing options.

If you’d like more information on our HY Trailers and our Business Box Membership initiative, contact us today.+

HY LWB Trailer

Starting from £31,995. Finance options available.

HY SWB Trailer

Starting from £21,995. Finance options available.

Our Mission

Supporting British enterprise and realising dreams, our trailers are suited for any budget and tailored to your passion. We hone our engineering mastery to provide you with the perfect working environment, that in turn, ensures your customers enjoy an unrivalled experience.

Our Vision

Empowering every person to achieve their entrepreneurial goals, we offer both an innovative working environment and complete, business set-up support. Setting your wheels in motion, our vision focuses on widening your business opportunities, enhancing your initiative and making your dream a reality.

Our Values

The foundation of our business—our values define our ethos. Alongside using and sourcing high-quality, sustainable materials, we pride ourselves on integrity. Our unapparelled commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and creativity ensures you can depend on outstanding service and value to deliver your dream.

Reputation doesn’t exist without trust. Discover why you can trust in HY Trailer Co to bring your dream to life.

Why HY Trailer Co?

Don’t just take our word for it! Discover how we enable some of the most recognised brands in the world to increase their growth.

Our Success

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