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Mr and Mrs Freeman Success Story

A Leap of Faith

Following unexpected redundancy, Mr and Mrs Freeman took a leap of faith. Despite having no previous self-employed experience and very limited finances, the couple approached us with their vision. After introducing them to the Business Box Membership and favourable finance, Mr and Mrs Freeman were able to commission an HY Trailer and launch their mobile pizza business.

Taking full advantage of the Business Box Membership supplier introductions, Mr and Mrs Freeman ensured their Trailer was a perfect fit. Kitted out to complement their product line, there were no costly mistakes or regrettable decisions.

Both Mr and Mrs Freeman made clear from the outset that they wanted to create more of a work/life balance, without limiting or reducing their income. As Business Box members, our key, third-party advisors helped them to establish clear goals and create a solid, sustainable business plan.

With the necessary groundwork complete and a tailored start-up support package to suit their needs, Mr and Mrs Freeman remained motivated and minimised any risk. As well as helping the couple to obtain the independence they desired, the Business Box Membership even helped them with training, landing a local pitch and kickstarting their inventory.

Just a short time spent building their successful mobile catering business and they were finally able to afford themselves the work/life balance they’d always craved. Still requiring a steady income stream, they rented their HY Trailer through the Business Box Membership corporate hire, where all the practicalities were taken care of.

Eventually, the couple took advantage of the Business Box Membership exit strategy. Acting in Mr and Mrs Freeman’s best interests, HY Trailer Co subsequently sold the Trailer on their behalf. Now retired abroad and spending quality time with their grandchildren, Mr and Mrs Freeman have wonderful memories of their joint venture. Their only regret is that they didn’t take the leap of faith sooner!

Breaking Convention to Achieve Success

Mr Brennan leased a fish and chip shop in a prime city-centre location with a reliable daily footfall. Following a refurbishment, Mr Brennan was horrified to discover that his business rates had soared from £560 a year to £7,760.

Based on the rateable value of the property and not just the business turnover, his rateable value increased from £3,250 to £23,750—even after allowing for relevant reliefs. It became clear that operating his business from a mobile unit was the ideal alternative. He’d immediately eliminate overheads such as:

  • Business rates and rent
  • Service charges and buildings insurance
  • Wear and tear from footfall
  • Daily maintenance of the waiting area


Mr Brennan also calculated a monthly saving on his reoccurring costs (when comparing his bricks and mortar premises with a mobile unit) of over £3,120.

Recommended to HY Trailer Co by a fellow caterer, Mr Brennan commissioned his first fish and chip Trailer, subscribed to the Business Box Membership and launched his rolling kitchen.

Since he gave up his conventional premises, he’s even expanded his fleet, taking full advantage of the Business Box Membership second Trailer discount.

Mr Brennan now employs two full-time staff, allowing him to enjoy the hobbies usually reserved for retirement.

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