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Financing Examples

Hire Purchase Example

Cost: £75,530
Deposit: £20,000
Borrow: £55,330
Term: 60 months

Repayment: £1,130 per month (good credit rating) or £1,199 per month (average credit rating).

Lease Purchase Example

Cost: £44.000 (+ VAT)
Deposit: £10,000 (+ VAT)
Borrow: £34,000
Term: 60 months

Lease payment: £695 (+ VAT) per month (good credit rating) or £738 (+ VAT) per month (average credit rating).

Rate Calculation

Figures apply for both Hire Purchase and Lease Purchase.

Rate/£1000 Term
£20.88 60 months
£25.15 48 months
£32.28 36 months

*These financing examples and rate calculations are for illustration and guidance purposes only and in no way constitute an offer of finance. All applications are subject to credit underwriting and all offers will be subject to credit status.

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