Our Story - HY Trailer

HY Trailer Co forms part of a large group of impressive and established British manufacturing companies.

Between us, we comprise world-renowned coachbuilders, versatile commercial body builders and engineers.

Incorporating longevity, expertise and reputation, our Company Director, Terence Smith works in close collaboration with our prestigious affiliate business partners: A Smith Gt Bentley Ltd., (Est 1958).

This is alongside our alliance with Smith Metal Fabrications Ltd., (Est 1984).

Supplying Europe, the US and the UAE, we have a global reputation for skill, craftsmanship and quality.

HY Trailer

A commended history and heritage steeped in coachbuilding, engineering and fabrication, we’re also responsible for the birth of the HY Trailer.

This innovative, fabricated trailer is economical, robust and presents a quirky, mechanical alternative.

Increasing production time, improving your efficiency and better fulfilling a niche customer demand, the HY Trailer provides every type of mobile business with superior end-product reliability, without compromising on quality.

Peter, the Sales Director for HY Trailer Co formerly worked in a risk assessment capacity for a local authority. He also actively oversees all rental and sales activities, alongside directing our daily compliance operations. Peter is an auto enthusiast with a particular passion for creating opportunities and supporting small business communities.

Providing even more value and designed to align your goals with your individual business objectives, Hy Trailer Co went on to create the Business Box Membership initiative.

This revolutionary new concept supports mobile catering enterprises, helping to turn your rolling kitchen into a successful, location-independent catering business.

HY Trailer Business Box

Reputation doesn’t exist without trust. Discover why you can trust in HY Trailer Co to bring your dream to life.

Why HY Trailer Co?

Don’t just take our word for it! Discover how we enable some of the most recognised brands in the world to increase their growth.

Our Success

HY LWB Trailer

Starting from £31,995. Finance options available.

HY SWB Trailer

Starting from £21,995. Finance options available.

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