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Goliath enough to sustain worldwide supply and efficiently meet production demand, we’re still humble enough to understand the importance of getting to know our customers and personalising our service.

In a world where cheap is quick and easy, the importance of investing in quality is especially true when it comes to your mobile business, which is why our competitive advantage encompasses a customer-focused approach, where we listen and respond.

Situated within an impressive dispatch centre and showroom in Newhaven, with a five-acre production plant in Colchester, we form part of a group of companies and work in conjunction with world-renowned specialists and leading engineers.

GJSmith HY Trailer

Known throughout the world, our affiliate business partners ASGB and SMF combine solid engineering principles with first-class finishing. Established in the UK in 1958 as a versatile commercial body builder, ASGB has customers in 65 countries around the world. Established in the UK in 1984, SMF has an impressive reputation for stainless steel shop-fittings and furniture.

As a part of a large group, our range of affiliate partners add a functional winning formula that makes HY Trailer Co stand out from the crowd.

Incorporating our passion, sustainability and creativity, we also use state-of-the-art computer-aided design and 3D software to help you visualise how your HY Trailer will look.

Alongside speeding up the production time, this ensures that you know exactly what to expect, avoids miscommunication and conveys information, such as materials, processes and dimensions.

Attaining positive repute and brand distinction, our HY Trailers are easily distinguishable through our registered trademark—an identity that cannot be imitated.

Equally, we offer the right protections and reassurances to our customers by retaining ownership of our own manufacturing molds and preventing cloning.

HY Trailer CAD
HY Trailer Co Manufacturing

As one of the UK’s largest coachbuilders and trailer manufacturers, we produce HY Trailers as single, multiple or large projects.

Each company within our group collaborates to consistently respond to customer demand and our reputation for reliability and highly adaptable, custom-built trailers goes in hand-in-hand with our skilled team.

HY Trailer Co eliminates all the stress, pressure and hassle associated with choosing and buying a mobile business trailer. Moreover, we provide peace of mind with world-class manufacturing standards and state-of-the-art technology.

If you’d like more information on HY Trailers, contact us today! Our sales team are waiting to help you.

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